Compensation for Personal Injury 

Whether you have sustained personal injury at work, in a road accident or in a public place, such as a supermarket if the accident was due to the other party’s negligence you will be entitled to make a claim for compensation.   

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No win no fee compensation claims

Many solicitors take personal injury claims on a No Win No Fee basis and do not expect payment unless and until your claim succeeds.   If you win your case then your solicitor’s fees will be taken from your compensation at the end of the case.    A solicitor will charge a success fee – which is a percentage of your compensation.   Often this is around 25% including VAT, but it may vary with different types of claims, such as clinical negligence or in cases where the solicitor considers the case high-risk.    If your case succeeds, in addition to the success fee,  some solicitors will charge you for any shortfall between costs incurred and those recovered from the Defendant.  You should always ask the solicitor whether this is their policy.

No Win No Fee agreements are very complicated and you should never assume that they are all the same.   It is sometimes only at the end of a case that you find out that in addition to the success fee you have been charged extra fees.  Although this will be stated in the No Win No Fee Agreement (formally called Conditional Fee Agreements), those agreements can be very lengthy and complicated and it is certainly the case that not all CFA’s are the same.   

At DSM Legal we make it clear right from the beginning that we do not charge our clients for any shortfall between costs incurred and those recovered from the Defendant.  

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Compensation for Injuries 

The amount of compensation between individuals can vary enormously depending upon the severity of the injury,  how long the symptoms last and what effect they have on your life.  It may be that they are so severe that they stop you for working for a long time or mean that you are unable to return to work at all. 

An injury can affect family life too and if so you can claim for loss of amenity.  The same applies if you can no longer engage in your hobbies or sporting activities.  You may need assistance with normal household and domestic tasks, such as cooking, cleaning or shopping and, if so, you can claim for ‘care and assistance.”  

Compensation for other losses 

Very often the majority of losses can arise through future loss of earnings or due to limitations placed upon you by the injury which may mean that you cannot do the same type of work in the future.      In cases of high earners or potential higher earners this can amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Funding your claim  

Your solicitor must always advise you of the best method of funding your case.  This may not always be with a No Win No Fee agreement.  Sometimes it may be possible to fund the claim through your legal expense insurers.   

Whichever option is available to you it is essential to get  the right advice from someone you can trust and who has your best interests at heart.   

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