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Free Legal Advice in Warrington

Is free legal advice available for accident claims?

Most no win no fee solicitors will offer a first consultation free of charge.  At the initial interview they should explain the process involved in bringing a claim, approximate timescales and costs involved.

What is no win no fee for accident claims?

No win no fee agreements are conditional fee agreements whereby the solicitor only gets paid if the claim succeeds.  If you lose your case the solicitor does not get paid.

Will it cost me anything if I win – I thought it was free?

No win no fee does not necessarily mean that the claim won’t cost you anything. The solicitor is entitled to charge a “success fee” which is deducted from your compensation if your claim succeeds. The amount of the success fee will vary depending on the case – you may see success fees ranging from 0% to 75% or even higher.  Always ask your solicitor whether they can tell you what the actual amount is that will be deduced from your compensation. They should be able to give you this information in most cases, however your solicitor cannot deduct more than 25% of your compensation.

Are there any other costs if I win my case?

Your solicitor may ask you to pay your disbursements, ie expenses such as fees charged by your GP or hospital for copies of your medical records. If your claim succeeds you are entitled to claim back your disbursements from the Defendant or their insurance company.

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