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medical negligence compensation


Medical Negligence Compensation

If you have suffered from medical or clinical negligence it will obviously be an upsetting and distressing experience. While most medical procedures take place without any problems, there are occasions when this is not the case. Taking on a large organisation such as the NHS or a big hospital can be daunting which is why it’s always vital for you to get the right legal advice before you proceed.

Medical negligence can take many forms.

You could, for instance, have been misdiagnosed for a condition or you might not have been diagnosed in time. Some recent research has shown that as many as 1 in 6 patients are initially misdiagnosed. While this doesn’t always lead to negligence and suffering for patients, the potential to do so cannot be underestimated. A delay in diagnosis, meanwhile, can mean you don’t get the right medicine or operation on time which makes your condition worse and recovery less likely.

clinical negligenceNegligence can occur during surgical procedures. The NHS carries out millions of operations every year and most of these go without a hitch. There are, unfortunately, occasions when things go wrong. You might have the wrong operation performed, the surgeon could carry out a procedure on the wrong organ, objects can be left in the body or you could end up with an infection because of poor hygiene procedures. It’s not just in hospital procedures that negligence can occur but in sectors such as cosmetic surgery where even minor procedures can go wrong.

There can be errors in prescribing medicines, either through giving a patient the wrong tablets or the wrong dose. Your doctor could be guilty of combining medicines that should not be given together because of their side effects. In other negligence claims, patients have been given medication which they are allergic to.

There may be a case for negligence if a professional gives the wrong advice concerning a procedure. This is particularly relevant in areas like cosmetic surgery where the risks are often played down. If you have been given a procedure and not advised properly, you may be able to make a claim if you would not have undertaken the operation with the right information and warning.

Pregnancy and birth are other areas where negligence occurs. This can mean you don’t get the right advice during your pregnancy or a condition isn’t picked up by your healthcare professional or midwife because they didn’t do the appropriate tests or spot certain warning signs. Problems during a pregnancy can lead to a baby being born with a disability or having a life-threatening condition.

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