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motorbike accident compensation


Motorcycle Accident Compensation

There is no doubt that motorcyclists are more at risk when there’s an accident than your average car or van driver who are better protected. When you look at the statistics, someone in a motorcycle accident is far more likely to suffer a serious or even fatal injury than a person driving or travelling in a car.

If you have been involved in an accident, either as a rider or pillion passenger on a motorcycle, and it wasn’t your fault, you may be able to claim accident compensation. At DSM Legal, we have the professional team in place to take you through the compensation process with our no win, no fee service.

According to the latest statistics for motorcycle accidents, three quarters of victims are involved in a collision with another vehicle, mainly a car or van. One common cause of a crash happens when the motorcycle’s right of way is violated by the driver of a car or other vehicle. Failing to notice a motorcycle in traffic is also another common cause of accident. Accidents can often happen when a car is at a junction and pulls out without realising there is a motorcycle coming their way.  “Sorry I didn’t see you” is a common response.

Common motorcycle accident injuries can range from road rash due to coming off the bike to head injuries and broken bones. While some injuries just need time to mend, others can be longer lasting particularly when there is damage to the spine and the head area. Some injuries, of course, really can be life changing and require specialist services and equipment for many years to come.

If you’ve been the victim of a motorcycle accident, compensation may well be the last thing on your mind as you try to recover. It’s a stressful time and you could need significant medical help to get you back on your feet again. Injury following a motorcycle accident can mean that you are unable to work or go about your normal daily life without help.

At DSM Legal, we have the professional legal team in place that can focus on your claim for compensation. This might include costs for repairing or replacing your motorcycle or other equipment, such as leathers, helmet, gloves etc as well as compensation for your injuries and any loss of earnings.  Although based in Warrington we provide advice on motorcycle accident compensation to throughout the UK.

It’s a fairly simple process to make a claim and a quick chat with our personal injury team will let you know where you stand and give you an idea of how to proceed. We offer a no win no fee arrangement to our clients which means you don’t have to find money upfront to make your claim. Added to that, you get all the support you need at this difficult time.  If you are local and you need us to visit you either at home or in hospital if you are unable to get to our office because of your injury we can arrange this. 

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