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NHS Negligence – The Fight for Justice

At some time in our lives we are all likely to need medical treatment.  When we do we can be at our most vulnerable.

 It is widely recognised that medical and nursing staff as well as the thousands of ancillary and support staff in the NHS work incredibly hard under often very difficult conditions.  The National Health Service as an institution is entrenched in the public’s affections.

Regrettably, however, things can and do sometimes go wrong and a patient may suffer serious consequences as a result.  If this happens it cannot and should not be ignored. The patient – or in the worst cases if the patient has died – their families, want answers. Often those answers are not forthcoming.  

It is often out of a sense of frustration and anger that people turn to the law for redress.    They are often just seeking an apology where they believe that the hospital has been negligent. In some cases the hospital has not been at fault, but this is not always clear until the solicitor has investigated the claim and obtained the necessary expert evidence. 

The patient or their family find themselves in an unenviable position.  They do not want to take on the might of the NHS, nor do they want to see themselves as one of those who are vilified by the press for claiming compensation from the cash-strapped NHS – compensation, by the way, that that they are entitled to seek by law.      

Despite the propaganda by some parts of the press the determination of ordinary people to stop the same thing happening to someone else wins over and they embark on the legal process, often as a last resort.  It can be a long, hard fight, and although the Government has stopped legal aid for the vast majority of negligence cases, justice will prevail as long as there are still people who are prepared to fight for justice and lawyers who are prepared to help them do it.             

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