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Power of Attorney Solicitors Near Me

Most people want to make provision through a will to ensure their estate is taken care of when they finally pass away. What is less often considered is what happens if you have a health problem and are no longer able to look after yourself.

Lasting Power of Attorney or LPA is a legal document that sets out your wishes should you be unable to take care of either your own health needs or handle your financial commitments. To draw one up you ideally need to visit a local solicitor and talk through your requirements with an expert in this field.

Why Legal Power of Attorney?

One of the main reasons that people decide on an LPA is to make sure they are looked after in later life. If, for example, you develop a disease like Alzheimer’s, you want someone to take care of your best interests and make decisions for you.

None of us knows exactly what is around the corner. You could have an accident tomorrow or even a heart attack that incapacitates you for the foreseeable future. An LPA is basically a safety net that protects you and your assets.

The way it works is you list what the Power of Attorney involves and who is to administer it for you (usually a partner or member of the family). There are two distinct types of LPA:

  • Property and Financial Affairs: This means that your attorney will manage everything to do with your estate and finances as if they were you. Should you have an accident and don’t have an LPA, your loved ones will need to apply to court to take control of your estate and manage it for you. This kind of LPA can be introduced for a short period of time until you recover.
  • Health and Welfare: This is focused on you getting the healthcare and daily living support you need should you be incapacitated. It means your attorney can, for example, decide whether you should go into a nursing home or whether you have life sustaining treatment. It’s normally associated with conditions later in life when you don’t have the mental capacity to make decisions for yourself. You can stipulate certain conditions that you wish your attorney to follow for you and that includes the nature of any end of life treatment.

Finding a Local LPA Solicitor

It’s important to work through your requirements for Power of Attorney with an experienced solicitor who knows what they are doing. They will be able to sit down with you and ask the appropriate questions and explain what each aspect of the LPA covers. They will be responsible for drafting the Power of Attorney and completing legal requirements such as the certificate provider’s statement and witnessing signatures.

If you are looking for a local solicitor that is experienced in putting together lasting power of attorneys, DSM Legal operates across Cheshire and the North West. We have offices in Warrington and the qualified teams on site who can handle all your LPA needs. Our legal team can also arrange a home visit if that is more convenient.

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