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Are you considering making an employee redundant?


Redundancy Advice Warrington

We can provide redundancy advice If you are being made redundant.  We are Warrington based solicitors but provide redundancy advice throughout the North West. 

Are you considering making an employee redundant?

Redundancy Advice Warrington

Sometimes,  a business as a whole will be forced to close, or perhaps they are just closing some of their branches.  In other situations it may be the company is reducing the size of its workforce.

Certainly redundancies and restructuring have been prominent in the news in recent weeks, with high profile companies such as P & O Ferries hitting the headlines.  

Have you been made redundant? 

If you have been made redundant, then provided that you have been employed for two years or more you are entitled to a statutory redundancy payment.  You can calculate your SRP here.

As well as redundancy pay your employer must also pay you your contractual entitlements, eg salary up to the termination date, pay in lieu of holidays and all other benefits, such as commission owed to you.   Your employer must also give you time off to find a new job. 

Settlement agreements

It is not unusual for an employer to ask you to sign a Settlement Agreement in exchange for a termination payment.  If so, we can certainly help.  We will advise on the settlement agreement and invoice your employer direct.  Call us on 01925 937070 or email or complete the enquiry form on the right hand side of the page and we will call you. 

Suitable alternative employment

Your employer should consider whether there is any suitable alternative employment for you before making you redundant.  The new job description should make it clear how the new job differs from the old one.    If the new job is accepted then an employee is treated as never having been dismissed for redundancy purposes.   

Unfair dismissal and discrimination 

If you are selected for redundancy for any of the following reasons you may be able to bring a claim for unfair dismissal and/or discrimination;

  • whistleblowing
  • sexual orientation/race/age/disability/age
  • health and safety activities
  • part-time or fixed-term employees
  • maternity, paternity or parental leave 
  • maternity leave, birth or pregnancy
  • exercising your statutory rights

Generally, you must have two years’ continuous length of service to bring an unfair dismissal claim, but that does not apply in all cases, such as whistleblowing and neither is there a minimum length of service requirement for discrimination claims.  

Redundancy advice Warrington solicitors 

This list is not exhaustive so if you are in doubt as to your legal position contact us for advice on 01925 937070 or email