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Scaffolding Accident Claims Solicitors

Walk down any high street or road in any busy town and you’ll probably see some scaffolding. Working at height presents several health and safety issues and there are a wide range of accidents that can happen in an around these structures.

  • You might be working on scaffolding and slip, trip or fall because the proper safety regulations weren’t followed or the structure wasn’t erected or maintained properly.
  • You may be hit by something falling off the scaffolding as you are walking by.
  • A structure might collapse during a storm because it hasn’t been secured to the wall properly. It might also collapse because too much weight has been put onto it. Collapsing scaffolding can cause some of the most serious injuries when people are still working on it or happen to be in the area at the time.
  • An accident might occur because those using the scaffolding either don’t have the right safety equipment or haven’t been trained adequately. Good safety can include making sure guard rails are put in place and that the structure is not used during wet weather when the boards are likely to be slippery.

The bad news is that there are always going to be scaffolding accidents across the UK with workers and passers by getting injured. With many workers using scaffolding to do their job, you won’t be surprised to hear that thousands are injured every year. If you have found yourself the victim of a scaffolding accident, the good news is that you may be able to claim compensation.

If you work on scaffolding, your employer has a legal obligation to make sure that the environment is safe for you to perform your job. That includes planning the operation properly and ensuring that the site is supervised adequately. If you have had an accident that is a direct result of your employer not taking the right precautions, you may be able to claim for compensation.

At DSM Legal, we help people with a wide range of personal injury claims. For instance, a recent case involved a worker falling from height because adequate guardrails weren’t put in place by the employer. Not only did the claimant suffer quite serious injuries, they were unable to work for a long period.

We don’t just help you get compensation for any potential injuries and time off work, but we also arrange for you to get the right rehabilitation and physio to get you back on your feet. scaffolding accident claim solicitors

It’s not only workers that are at risk of scaffolding accidents. If you are walking past a structure and get hit by debris or something falling off one of the platforms, the injury can be life changing. Those who put up the scaffolding have a legal obligation to ensure that the surrounding area is protected and that there is no risk to those passing by below.

Whatever the reason for your injury, if the accident was caused by negligence you have a right to make a claim for reparation through the courts. At DSM Legal, we operate on a no win no fee basis so, if you do have a case to claim, you aren’t putting yourself at risk financially. Compensation won from a claim can be used to replace lost earnings and pay for vital physiotherapy that helps you get back to work and back on with your life.

If you have had an accident involving scaffolding and want to make a claim, contact our team for an initial consultation to see where you stand and what to do next.