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Is the Troublesome Pothole Here to Stay?

Potholes are now a common sight on our roads

It’s a fact that you can’t drive very far in Britain without coming across a pothole.  Most of us safely avoid the pothole or manage to slowly navigate over it without injury or damage to our vehicle; however new figures show that there is a claim for compensation due to potholes every 11 minutes in Britain!

In fact, according to the RAC, councils shelled out over £3.2 million in 2013/4 in England, Wales and Scotland thanks to damage caused by potholes.

Surely the councils are doing something about this?  We pay road tax and at the very least expect smooth roads that are safe to use, but in fact the estimated backlog of potholes needing repair on Britain’s roads stands at a whopping £12 billion.  According to the RAC, the problem lies not with our local council but with central government not giving the councils enough money to repair roads.  It looks like, for the time being, we’re going to have to grin and bear the ghastly potholes blotting our roads.

Potholes cause injury to drivers and passengers, not just vehicles

We represented a client who had driven into a layby which, unbeknownst to him, was littered with deep potholes, causing him and his vehicle to be violently jolted about.  He suffered whiplash and his vehicle needed repairs.  We successfully claimed compensation for him from the local council but this wouldn’t have been necessary had the layby been maintained properly and potholes (which the council were aware of) been repaired.

If you have suffered personal injury due to a pothole we can help.  Call 01925 937070 for a free, no obligation chat today, and you never know, after you make a claim, the council may just fix that pothole!

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