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Have you been the victim of a violent crime and suffered injuries?

Criminal Injuries Compensation CICA Legal Advice in Warrington

If you have sustained injuries as the victim of a violent crime you will know the impact it can have on your life, work and family. 

We can support you by providing a free assessment of your claim and free legal advice.  

If your case is eligible for compensation under the CICA scheme we can  offer no win no fee so that if your claim is not successful there is nothing for you to  pay.    Call 01925 937070 or email

What is Criminal Injuries Compensation CICA?

As a result of the government recognising that victims of violent crime should be compensated a scheme (now called the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) was set up in 1964.

The scheme is run by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority based in Glasgow and is funded by the taxpayer.

We have many years’ experience of claiming under the CICA scheme and so can ensure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation possible.  

What is classed as a criminal injury?

Some examples of crimes for which you can claim compensation are: 

  • A physical assault
  • Threat of an assault which puts you in fear for your safety 
  • An armed robbery
  • Domestic  violence
  • A sexual assault, such as rape
  • A mugging
  • Assault with or without a weapon
  • Sexual or physical abuse    

Speak to an expert solicitor today on 01925 937070.  We make sure that making a claim for Criminal Injuries Compensation CICA is stress-free and we’re with you every step of the way.

Can I make a claim for CICA criminal injuries compensation?

Making a compensation claim may be the last thing on your mind in the immediate aftermath but we are here to support you and to help you to recover the compensation that you deserve.    

Report the crime to the police 

To make a successful claim the first thing you must do is to report the crime to the police as soon as reasonably possible this is because any unreasonable delay may result in your claim being rejected or the award being reduced. 

Sometimes it may not be possible for you to report the incident immediately if you have been seriously injured, but if this is the case then someone else can report the incident on your behalf.  The police will take a statement from you as soon as they are able to do so.   

Cooperate With The Police 

You must cooperate with the police in their investigations to identify the culprit and bring them to justice, even if it is the case that you don not know your attacker.  

It does not matter whether the culprit has been traced by the police or whether they have been convicted.   You only need to ensure that the matter is reported to the police as soon as reasonably possible and that you co-operate with them.

Criminal Injuries Claims Time Limits 

A claim must be made within two years of the incident occurring as otherwise the claim will be out of time (although the two year limit can be waived in certain circumstances, e.g. in relation to sexual abuse and assault claims, due to the impact the crime has on victims).

Location of Crime 

The incident must have occurred in England, Wales or Scotland.  There are some other conditions, which if not fulfilled, may lead to the claim being rejected, but we will advise you in detail about those if they apply in your case.    

Contact Us For Free Legal Advice 

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We will advise on whether you have a claim and if so will make the application on your behalf.  It is free to find out if you qualify to make a claim.  

Criminal Injuries Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: How much compensation will I receive from the CICA?

A: This will depend on the severity of your injuries, however your claim will be rejected by the CICA if your injuries are minor.   Awards of up to £500,000.00 can be made for the most severe injuries.   In cases where you have to take extended time off work you can claim for loss of earnings. 

Q: Can I claim for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

A: Yes, you are entitled to be compensated for mental trauma such as PTSD and depression as well as claiming for physical injuries.

Q: Why should I choose DSM Legal Solicitors?

You can be sure of a genuine ‘no win, no fee‘ service with no hidden charges.   We will never ask you for money up front or during the course of your claim. 

We are an experienced, specialist firm of injury solicitors in Warrington who offer a personal service.   

You will have the support of a small, dedicated team throughout your claim.    

Only a fully-qualified and experienced solicitor will handle your criminal injury compensation claim ensuring you receive the best possible service.

The claim is risk-free – if your claim is not successful we do not charge anything. 

Our fees are transparent and are only deducted at the end of a successful claim. 

We will keep you informed with regular updates and are always happy to answer any queries you may have at any time.   

If you want to find out whether you have a criminal injury compensation claim contact Diane Massey for a free confidential, no obligation discussion on 01925 937070.  

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Our office is based in Warrington but we can and do take claims from across England and Wales.  

We can assist with all types of criminal injury compensation claims, personal injury (accident claims), serious injury claims including fatality claims, road traffic accident claims (car accidents), medical negligence, employment law claims, lasting powers of attorney, wills, oaths, affidavits and statutory declarations, document certification service, settlement agreements and professional negligence claims. 

  • We can offer evening or weekend calls if it is difficult to speak during office hours
  • Home or hospital visits can be arranged if you are unable to travel and prefer to see someone is person. 

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What Shall I Do Next?

Call us on 01925 937070 for a free, confidential, no obligation chat.  Alternatively if you prefer you can complete our Personal Injury Enquiry Form or email  We’re more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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