Unfair Dismissal Compensation Calculator

Unfair Dismissal Compensation Calculator – how much compensation can be awarded for Unfair Dismissal?

Basic award

You can claim a basic award which is calculated in the same way as a statutory redundancy payment – see  https://www.gov.uk/calculate-your-redundancy-pay.   

Compensatory award

You can also claim a compensatory award which is based on your losses – past and future.  The bulk of this is usually made up of loss of earnings.  If you obtain new employment then you will have to give credit for this, so for example if you were earning £400.00 a week from your old job and obtained new employment at £350.00 a week your ongoing loss of earnings would be £50.00 a week.

If you haven’t found new employment the Tribunal will estimate how long it is likely to be before you find another job.  However, Claimants are expected to mitigate their losses and awards can be reduced if you cannot show that you have been making reasonable attempts to find employment.

Other losses you can claim for may include a company car, pension contributions or private medical insurance.

You can also claim for loss of statutory rights to compensate you for the fact that you will have to work two for years in a new job before you will accrue those rights again.   

Your compensation can be increased in some circumstances, e.g. if your employer has failed to follow the ACAS code of practice.    http://www.acas.org.uk/media/pdf/f/m/Acas-Code-of-Practice-1-on-disciplinary-and-grievance-procedures.pdf

The median average (the award in the middle) for an unfair dismissal claim by employment tribunals in 2020 was just over £6,500.00 and the average (where you add all the sums together and divide by the number of claims) was just over £10,750.00.

For some unfair dismissal claims, such as whistleblowing, there is no cap.

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