Criminal Injury Compensation


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Most people agree that those who have suffered an injury because of a criminal act should receive some form of compensation. The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority was set up to do just that. In October last year, a report by the BBC found that many child abuse victims, however, had been refused pay outs by…


Claiming Compensation After a Criminal Injury Claiming Compensation After a Criminal Injury

If you have suffered an injury because you were the victim of a criminal act in England, Scotland or Wales, you may have the right to claim compensation through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme. This can certainly be a very traumatic time if you are a victim and making a claim may not be the…


criminal injury compensation Compensation for Criminal Injuries

It can be a very traumatic experience if you are the victim of a crime. If when you have suffered a personal injury because of that criminal act, you may have to cope with the pain and inconvenience this has caused. In more severe circumstances, you could even end up with life threatening or life…