Forklift Truck Accident Claims


Forklift Truck Accident Claims Forklift Truck Accident Claims

Forklift trucks operate in a number of different work environments including on building sites, in warehouses as well as locations like docks and storage facilities. They are a highly effective way of moving heavy goods and equipment from one place to another. Because of their size and the loads they carry, the health and safety…


forklift accident legal advice Forklift Truck Accident Legal Advice

There are plenty of workplace and personal factors that influence the likelihood of an accident involving a forklift truck. These include: You might have a driver who is not properly trained to operate the vehicle in the first place. The company where the truck is being used might not have the right safety procedures in…


forklift accident claims Forklift Truck Accident Claims

Injuries involving forklift or rider-operated lift trucks are common. It’s not that surprising when you think that these vehicles are found in a wide range of industries and sectors. Warehouses use them to move heavy pallets loaded with products, construction sites for moving building materials and they’re found on farms across the UK to name…