Employment Tribunal Proceedings

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Employment Tribunal Proceedings

Employment Tribunal Proceedings

Cases brought to an employment tribunal are typically unfair, constructive or wrongful dismissal claims that aim to achieve compensation and sometimes even reinstatement from a former employer that is believed to have dismissed an employee without a valid reason.

If you believe you have been unfairly dismissed by an employer, our solicitors can help.  Our experts will provide the legal advice and services you need to boost your chances of achieving a successful outcome.

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What Do Employment Tribunal Proceedings Entail?

Firstly, you will need to obtain an early conciliation certificate from ACAS.  You can contact ACAS via their website www.acas.org.uk or telephone 0300 123 1100.   Without this certificate the employment tribunal will not accept your claim. 

You will then need to prepare and file a claim form that should be as thorough as possible, within strict time limits.  Failure to do so could mean that the Employment Tribunal rejects your claim.

Your employer must file their response (which is their defence to the claim).  The Employment Tribunal will then make directions for the management of the claim which is essentially timetable.  Directions would include a date by which documents are to be disclosed and witness statements exchanged.

Although costs are not usually awarded in the Employment Tribunal, you may have costs awarded against you if you fail to comply with an order made by the Employment Tribunal or act unreasonably, disruptively or continue with a claim that is misconceived.  It may even result in your claim being struck out.

If the claim proceeds to a final hearing, failure to prepare an adequate case may lead to it being unsuccessful.

It is therefore essential to seek legal advice from employment tribunal lawyers. 

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Settlement Agreement

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