Settlement Agreement Fees

Details of Fees for Settlement Agreements

Although your employer is not legally obliged to make a contribution to your legal costs for obtaining advice on a settlement agreement it is usual for them to do so, provided that you sign the agreement.   

Your employer will insert a clause into the agreement specifying the amount of legal fees to be paid and this will depend on factors such as the length of the settlement agreement and its complexity. We have set out below the scale of fees generally paid by employers.     

Settlement Agreements Standard Advice – where all terms are agreed between the parties  £250.00 + VAT  – £500.00 + VAT


Two-part Settlement Agreements – often referred to as a ‘reaffirmation.’  In these cases your employer will ask you to sign in two stages, often weeks or months apart.  £400.00 + VAT – £600.00 + VAT. 

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Settlement Agreement Solicitors in Warrington, Cheshire

Settlement Agreement Compromise Agreement

Settlement Agreement Compromise Agreement

We can deal with your agreement face-to-face, by email or over the telephone if you prefer.  Only a fully-qualified solicitor will advise you on the terms of your settlement agreement (also known as a compromise agreement or termination agreement), meaning you can be assured you are receiving the best possible quality advice.   You can find out more by visiting our Settlement Agreements page.

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