Settlement Agreement


What exactly is a redundancy? What exactly is a redundancy?

The precise definition of redundancy is to be found in section 139 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, but basically if any of the following situations apply it is a redundancy:- An actual or intended closure of the whole business; An actual or intended closure of the business at a particular workplace; A reduction (or…


Settlement Agreement for Redundancy

Redundancy can happen in any business and is an upsetting and difficult process for those faced with having to leave their job. Making sure that you get a reasonable settlement is, of course, important. At DSM Legal, we have the expert teams on hand to guide you through the process and make sure you understand…


Using a Settlement Agreement to Resolve an Employment Law Issue

For any business, problems that arise between employer and employee can be some of the most difficult to overcome. There could be a claim for unfair dismissal, for instance, a case of discrimination in the office or the prospect of redundancies within the business. All these can be challenging to handle effectively, for both sides,…