Settlement Agreements


DSM Legal Stands Ready to Support The Hut Group Employees Facing Redundancy

In a recent development, The Hut Group, headquartered at Omega South in Warrington, has announced that 688 of its employees based in Warrington are now “at risk” of redundancy. This unsettling news has left many individuals uncertain about their future job security and financial stability. In times like these, it becomes crucial for affected employees…


What exactly is a redundancy? What exactly is a redundancy?

The precise definition of redundancy is to be found in section 139 of the Employment Rights Act 1996, but basically if any of the following situations apply it is a redundancy:- An actual or intended closure of the whole business; An actual or intended closure of the business at a particular workplace; A reduction (or…


settlement agreements infographic Settlement Agreements: The benefits for employers

At DSM Legal, we can help with legal advice about a wide range of employment law issues for both employers and employees. One question we often get asked about is how settlement agreements can assist both parties in moving forward when someone leaves a company. Here’s our quick guide: What is a Settlement Agreement? It’s…